A root canal treatment becomes necessary when the caries penetrate the tooth and a filling treatment is not sufficient. Damage to the tooth pulp can be caused by a strong blow to the tooth, a crack or caries which have passed the dental enamel and the dentin layer of the tooth. Ongoing caries which are not treated in time cause extensive damage to the tooth material and can become very painful. At its early stages, it can be treated with a filling, but when treatment is not performed in time, it can develop and result in pulpitis, in which case a root canal is required. During a root canal treatment, the residual caries and the dental pulp (blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth) are removed and sealed with a root filling.

Regardless of the cause, when the pulp is damaged, the bacteria will continue their activity and penetrate toward the roots if a root canal treatment is not performed. This penetration increases the risk of the formation of a dental abscess and spread of the infection to the jawbone and gingiva. After a root canal treatment is performed, an abutment and crown are needed, according to the dentist’s opinion and the quantity of healthy tooth remaining. The tooth must be reconstructed as quickly as possible, because if the root filling is not completely sealed, it may become infected and a new root canal treatment will be needed. Sometimes an old root canal treatment can become infected due to a faulty crown or filling, and the root canal treatment may need to be renewed or the tooth may even need to be extracted if the case is not treated in time.

At Alex Tsai Dental Center, the dentists and root canal treatment specialists use the most innovative equipment, primarily using very flexible, motorized files made of nickel titanium, thus ensuring the best possible results.
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